Our rates and fees

We offer loans from Avanti Finance Limited and Branded Financial Services (NZ) Limited (BFS).

Determining whether your loan is powered by Avanti Finance is determined by the dealer partnership we hold and is not set by any other criteria.

The information below applies to loans provided by Branded Financial Services (NZ) Limited (BFS) which are
Consumer Credit Contracts*.

Rates Last updated 17 July 2024

Annual interest rate**
The interest rate we offer you will be set by reviewing your loan application and assessing your personal profile and may include a dealer margin. Our assessment of your personal profile includes your:

• Credit history
• Stability
• Financial commitments
• Work status
• Security that is offered for the loan
• Loan structure.

9.00% p.a. to
17.25% p.a.

Default interest rate
BFS will charge default interest charges in the event of a default in payment and while the default continues.

Default interest is only payable on the amount actually in default from when it is due until it is paid.

Default interest is calculated daily and charged monthly.

Annual interest
rate plus 8% p.a.

** Annual Interest Rate is subject to change from time to time.

Fees Last updated 4 July 2024

Monthly account fee
A monthly fee to cover the cost of managing the loan. Charged at the frequency selected by the customer.

Weekly $1.32
Fortnightly $2.64
Monthly $5.75

Dealer fee (maximum)
Added to the loan balance and paid to the dealer.


Loan establishment fee
Charged for processing and approving a new loan application, as disclosed in the individual loan contract.


Early termination fee
Charged to cover our administrative costs when a loan is settled in full before its final payment date.


Late payment fee
Charged if payment is made 21 days after it is due.


PPSR fee
A fee to search and register a security interest on the Personal Property Securities Register.


Payment dishonour fee
Charged when payment is dishonoured or returned unpaid by the customer’s financial institution.


Enforcement and other costs
The reasonable actual costs of repossessing and selling the vehicle that was offered as security.This may include all costs and expenses incurred in enforcing the contract. For example, but not limited to repossession agent fees, repair bills, legal fees, storage and selling costs.

Actual costs

* Consumer Credit Contract is only available if the credit being advanced is used to acquire goods that will be used primarily for personal, domestic or household purposes, and not for business purposes.